MY Consultants


MY Consultants supports individuals and groups in their performance and development through one to one coaching and group coaching.

  • MY Consultants offers one to one coaching to support individuals in making positive changes within their work and career.  This is especially useful when the issue would be difficult to address through workshops and training. MY Consultants has supported individuals in dealing with difficult working relationships, identifying and making career transitions, overcoming motivation issues and dealing with workplace stress. MY Consultants is happy to work directly with individuals or with organisations who wish to implement a coaching programme for a number of their staff.

  • Group coaching is especially useful when there are issues within a team which the team are struggling to resolve. These issues may be as varied developing a project management structure, managing a change process more effectively, through to enhancing communications within a geographically dispersed team.

The approach which MY Consultants uses to coach will vary depending upon the exact issues which are being explored but the underlying approach to all the coaching MY Consultants undertakes is always the same - we will be asking you really good, challenging and insightful questions to enable you to explore the situations from many different perspectives. Coupled with these questions, where appropriate we use profiling tools such as FIRO Element B and MBTI to help you gain further insights, and techniques from NLP to help you develop new unexplored solutions and to support you in making deep and lasting change.

A coaching client of MY Consultants comments on his experience:  "Before I met Robin much of my work was going very well. However, whilst my commitments grew, productivity in certain areas was stalling. In particular I was falling behind on generating important outputs, like research papers, because seemingly urgent tasks were always finding themselves nearer the top of my inbox and I could not seem to find suitable blocks of time to focus on writing. Most notably, Robin has helped me prioritise my activities, identify how to filter requests on my time so as not to overwhelm myself and allocate and plan my work schedule so as to leave time aside each week to focus on activities such as writing papers. I am extremely grateful for his help and already feel that I am making excellent progress on paper writing, whilst more generally I am making much more efficient and productive use of my time without a negative impact elsewhere."